“Environmentally Conscious” Organic Vegetable Gardening

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Now days it is all about Organic this and Organic that, everyone wants to be GREEN/ENVIRONMENTALLY CONSCIOUS and grow their own ORGANIC Vegetables, etc. and that is a good thing. What is important to understand though, is that just because you are growing your own ORGANIC Fruit and Garden Vegetables, does not mean that you are being environmentally conscious.

Over watering, over fertilizing and the excessive use of “Natural and Organic” labeled, Insect and Fungi control products, so that you can grow “PERFECT” Fruit and Garden Vegetables, and failing to rotate crops is not being conscious of the Environment.

Excessive water use is already known as being un-environmentally conscious. Practicing Square Inch Gardening is a fun and easy way to control moisture loss, therefore reducing water usage. The use of Water Retaining Poly Crystals is also a great way to reduce water usage. There is a product currently on the market called “SOIL MOIST”, this product is made of polypropylene…

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